ex- UK US /eks-/ prefix
FINANCE used to mean 'not including', to show that a particular right or advantage belongs to the seller and is not included in the sale or price of an investment: »

When a share goes ex-dividend, the purchaser is no longer entitled to receive the company's current dividend.

Compare CUM(Cf. ↑cum)
used before a job title or relationship to show that someone had that job or relationship in the past but does not have it now: »

He ended up suing his ex-boss for unpaid wages.


an ex-colleague


Formal complaints were made against the ex-chairmen and the ex-chief executive.

See also EX-ALL(Cf. ↑ex-all), EX-CAPITALIZATION(Cf. ↑ex-capitalization), EX-COUPON(Cf. ↑ex-coupon), EX-DIVIDEND(Cf. ↑ex-dividend), EX-INTEREST(Cf. ↑ex-interest), EX-RIGHTS(Cf. ↑ex-rights), EX-SCRIP(Cf. ↑ex-scrip)

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